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Chief Editor, Lynda Media Team

Posted on 24/08/2021

Over the weekend when I saw videos of the Baminja Road, Federal Housing Estate being completed, I felt a surge of fulfilment knowing that I have connected yet another essential nerve to our growing road network in the Federal Constituency at that very moment, I remembered coming across Chanda Kochar’s quote on investment in infrastructure where she encapsulated the spirit of the seeds that we are sowing today, “investment in infrastructure is a long term requirement for growth and a long term factor that will make growth sustainable”.

When we see roads, bridges and culverts we see them as just basic amenities, but they are beyond that, they are critical infrastructure that can act enablers when functioning at premium and inhibitors when they are not functioning as they should.

On impacting the populace, development is like a rising tide which wouldn’t raise the people who are not in a boat, infrastructure is this boat, and it is our duty s part of our infrastructural development drive to build these for our people.

We will continue on this task of developing our city but I would love to use this medium to plead with everyone of us, the rains are and once again the new drainages we constructed are clogged because our people have resorted to dumping refuse into the drainages as opposed to using refuse dumps and this has caused flooding and indiscriminate spread of trash along our roads and across our beautiful city. It is the duty of the government to provide infrastructures and it is your civil duty to help protect and prolong the functionality of these infrastructures.

Clogged drainages cause flooding, waterlogged roads weaken overtime and soon resources that should be utilized to construct other roads will be used in rehabilitating sabotaged ones.

We are better than this and I believe that we will do better.

Development like a rising tide is here, the infrastructural boat that we will use to ride this tide will be constructed but it falls on us to protect this boat.

Thank you once more for reading and thank you for endless support.

With all my love,
Honourable Lynda Chuba Ikpeazu
Onitsha North and South Federal Constituency

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