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Chief Editor, Lynda Media Team

Posted on 16/09/2021

Every now and then, we take a brief pause and look back at the impact that those we have handed the reigns of power over to have made and how they have left the lives of their people; for the better or for the worse. 

An unknown commentator once stated that "Leaders instill in their people a hope for success and a belief in themselves. Positive leaders empower people to accomplish their goals." and there is no greater form of empowerment than the one going on in the Onitsha North and South Federal Constituency where the Honourable member representing the constituency at the National Assembly has not only built a ship for the people but has provided them wind to set sail. 

To analyze how impactful the representation of the Honourable member is, If you live within the Onitsha metropolis and you boarded a tricycle today on your way to work or to your business place this morning, chances are that you boarded one of the Honourable Lynda Chuba Ikpeazu's tricycles (popularly known and referred to as Keke) which she used in empowering some members of the constituency to help facilitate transportation within the metropolis.

Working for while, you check the time and it is lunch time and you crave a snack, so you decide to patronize one of the numerous SMEs within the metropolis that are focused on fast food, chances are that you will eat a snack baked in an oven distributed by the Honourable member to support SMEs or that you took a cold drink chilled in a refrigerator she distributed to support the participants of the informal sector of our national economy aptly referred to as its backbone.

Going beyond this, students, undergraduates and postgraduates on all levels of the academia are not spared from this representation, neither are job seekers within the federal Constituency for all have at one time or another, felt the midas touch of Madam Project.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg of her human capacity developmental efforts.

On capital projects and infrastructure development, the Honourable Representative's reach has been so vast that she has been aptly and fondly reffered to as 'Madam Project' for from roads to schools, from drainage to ICT infrastructure, the Honourable Member has been and continues to be simply phenomenal.

On the floor of the Green Chambers of the National Assembly where she represents the Onitsha North and South Federal Constituency, our Amazon is moving mountains with her people centered bills and motions and like King Midas, everything she graciously lay hands on turns to gold and we are all the better for it. 

Today we look at these projects and at the impact recorded from them and we can comfortably say that Onitsha North and South Federal Constituency has felt the touch of the Honourable member. 

Honourable Lynda Chuba Ikpeazu Media Team.

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