Hon Lynda Ikpeazu defection to APC: a foregone conclusion.

User Image By Hon. Nneka
Chief Editor, Lynda Media Team

Posted on 27/09/2021

The honorable member representing the Onitsha North and South Federal constituency Hon Lynda-Chuba Ikpeazu is concluding her arrangement to decamp to APC in a jiffy. 

Though the defection of 'Sister or Madam projects', as she is fondly and affectionately addressed to by her numerous acquaintances and fans, is fait accompli, and being an unassuming personality she nonetheless arrived in Anambra yesterday to consult with the top echelon of her supporters and family members before the official announcement of her decampment to APC is made public herself.

As a democrat and grassroots/peoples-oriented politician, her official residence in Onitsha was full and a beehive of actives yesterday as she took her time to explain the reasons for her decision to join the APC. 

Her decision to join the APC did not come as a shock to many with political binoculars because she had been under intense pressure to join the leading party. 
More so being a high-ranking House of Representatives Member, the onions are on her to take a vantage position in HOR bearing in mind that the speakership of HOR may be zoned to the southeast by the APC after the 2023 general election.
The last straw that broke Carmel's back was the aftermath of PDP's gubernatorial primaries which left many stakeholders of PDP disappointed in the way and manner the primary was conducted and last but not least the body language of the assumed PDP gubernatorial candidate is not encouraging.

For the sake of clarity, Hon Lynda-Chuba Ikpeazu is the most outstanding politician in Anambra North Senatorial District, to sound modest. 
Her popularity and acceptance did not come on a silver platter. She became famous not because she was a former beauty queen. However, she is popular due to her tremendous and multiple achievements in the areas of road construction, empowerment programs, provision of social amenities, construction of drainages, and the activation of many other dividends of democracy and peoples oriented programs.

Her movement/porting to APC will be seamless and will be of great value-added to the APC which was at the point of losing the Anambra State gubernatorial election woefully before the realignment of forces and the forgone and imminent departure of Hon Lynda Chuba-Ikpeazu, Madam Project, to APC.

Other politicians of note 'set to join' her to APC includes the following:

Hon Engr Chris Emeka Azubogu
Representing Nnewi north-south and ekwusigo federal constituency.

HON.Ifeanyi month representing Ihiala federal constituency.

HON.Okwudili  Ezenwankwo representing Orumba's north and south federal constituency.

HON.Ifeanyi Ibezi former member representing Idemili North and South federal constituency.
Hon Osite for Onitsha North state constituency

Hon Onyebuchi offor Ekwusigo state constituency...

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