Hon. Lynda Ikpeazu address on her transfer of allegiance from PDP to APC.

Address to the constituents of Onitsha North and South federal constituency by Hon. Lynda Ikpeazu concerning her transfer of allegiance from PDP to APC.

Hon. Lynda Ikpeazu address on her transfer of allegiance from PDP to APC.

My dear honoured and beloved constituents of the Onitsha North  and South Federal Constituency of the Federal House of Representatives: GREETINGS!I
 wish to brief you formally on recent important events that have taken place with regard to my political career and my capacity as your representative at the Federal House of Representatives.

As you can attest over the years, I have been loyal, faithful and dedicated to upholding and safeguarding your interests and welfare to the best of my ability I have done this initially on the platform of the ANPP and subsequently the PDP. However, much as I have discharged my duties as diligently as I could, my undisputed primary loyalty has been to you the people before the political parties although I have always endeavoured to synchronize the two allegiances. As a result, if I find a conflict of interest between my membership of any political party and my capacity to safeguard the welfare of my constituency, I will unequivocally opt for the latter without much procrastination. I would even go as far as operating as an independent candidate if necessary.

That being the case, I have lately determined that certain actors within the PDP have, by their actions made it difficult for me to continue within that party without compromising my policies in the short run and ultimately your welfare in the long run.I have elected not to go into the details of this, which would amount to washing dirty linen in public. I am doing so out of respect for the many honourable ladies and gentlemen in the PDP, with whom I have worked over the years. 

Having mandated me to represent you and act in your best interest, I have come to the reluctant but firm conclusion that I cannot continue discharging my responsibilities to you, my constituents, within the confines of a hostile environment, into which my local PDP chapter has been transformed Therefore, having consulted you extensively in the past week and received your understanding, sympathy, blessings and endorsement, I wish to announce that I have ended my engagement with the PDP and decided to pitch my tent with the APC.

I have held detailed consultations with the leadership of the APC and have been assured that they will do everything in their capacity to ensure that I will not only continue the momentum of my service to you the people but will in fact be encouraged to surpass it considerably.