The first day that marks the  dawn of June has always held a strong significance for me for alongside its privilege of being the sixth month of the year, which marks the middle of the year and period of reflection for people across the world, the month also marks the beginning of new chapters for all and sundry.


Holding these reflections: spanning across personal and professional spectrum, I find ways in which I look back at the first half of the year, to recount our steps, to take stock of our achievements and shortcomings and plan for a better next half of the year, for bolstered by the fulfillment of our successes and the wisdom in our shortcomings, we stand renewed to tackle the next phase of our journey.

The first half of the year saw the world throw away the shackles of the Covid-19 pandemic, national policy saw us drop the masks, a sign that slowly but surely, we will get our lives back to what it looked like before Covid disrupted a whole lot. 

The pandemic saw a lot of the members of my constituency lose their jobs and their businesses, we took steps to combat this and continue to battle this  and in doing this, we gave our people a fighting chance, we also embarked on a series of efforts, opening up employment opportunities for our people, these individual we hope will positively contribute to the expansion in our workforce as we continue our fight against the menace of unemployment within the Federal Constituency and beyond. 

To also bolster this, as we embarked on series of efforts to empower SMEs which research have rightly been identified as the backbone of our economy, from providing startup grants for intending businesses, to giving already existing businesses the tools and equipment they need to expand or sustain their current business outlook, we have thus in doing this, we impacted hundreds of businesses within the constituency, a cascading effect that has indirectly impacted thousands of others a butterfly effect that we hope would help our community by improving our homes. 

This butterfly effect is extrapolated across our other interventions and initiatives. 

On education: a key bedrock of our advancement as a people, we have continued to collaborate with schools and other institutions to providing supporting infrastructure needed to carry out the day to day tasks of giving wings of education and roots of innovation to our children the heirs apparent of our future, currently classroom blocks are being set up at Urban Boys Secondary School and Ado Girls Secondary School. 

On infrastructure, we have embarked on a series of construction projects; some completed and others ongoing within the Federal Constituency, notable amongst these are


In the past few months, we have commenced and completed some of the following:

Uli Street, Odoakpu
First Bank Area, 33
St. Christopher Junction, 33
Iboku Street 
Modebe Avenue by Bida Road off Venn Road
33 College Road/Mopol Base by Ogbatulenyi Junction 
Otumoye Street 
Okwei Street. 

On power facilitation, we provided transformers to help lighten the burden on already existing ones or replace dysfunctional units in the following areas:

Old Market Road Umuosuma, Umudei Village, 
MCC behind Immaculate Conception, 

More constituency projects will continue to be delivered this month as we expand the frontiers of our initiatives.

Away from our exceptional report card, I have been swamped with a deluge of emotions ranging from happiness to serendipity as our mandate to serve on the platform of our great party the People's Democratic Party (PDP) was renewed, happiness because it feels good to have your people by your side, serendipity because we are closer to continue the legacy that we are building in the Onitsha North and South Federal Constituency. 

It has truly been a long walk towards the light for us all but we are going there one step at a time and I am honoured to have you all with me on this journey, it is a great privilege to serve you and your interests, and I really want to say thank you for having faith in me, on the floors of the Green Chambers, I have continued my resolve to provide the best representation for you.

Very soon, we will all gather together at the polls and your words to other voters, your vote and you standing behind to defend your votes will all contribute to us continue on this great path. 

On this note, I want to wish you all a beautiful and Happy New Month to you ndị nkem. 

Daalụ nụ for always having back and putting me in your prayers.

With all my love, 
Honourable Lynda Chuba Ikpeazu,
Onitsha North and South Federal Constituency.