The Enviable Achievements of Distinguished Honorable Lynda Chuba Ikpeazu

There has never been a record of stewardship in Onitsha North amd and South trajectory so holistic, indepth and unmatched as the enviable achievements of Distinguished Honorable lynda chuba Ikpeazu a legislator per excellent..

 The Enviable Achievements of Distinguished Honorable Lynda Chuba Ikpeazu

Despite her massive support to the education and skill training of young people especially, community and human capital development, she is always taking a thankful stand before God and humanity and that attitude more than anything else is a confirmation of her personality and role-model status.

Below are few of my reasons of  not only describes her person and character but also gives hope to the people who look up to her for one reason or the other;

She is vibrant 
She is Brilliant 
She is Compassionate 
She is passionate 
She Altruistic 
She is Goal oriented 
She is Open minded 
She is Accommodating 

The 2023 general election provides yet another opportunity for the good people of Onitsha North and South to advance the course of their democracy by taking advantage of the representatives ’s ever growing political influence in PDP, Anambra State and the National Assembly.

This towering influence of the distinguished Honorable is critical to ensuring gender balance, good governance and timely delivery of democracy dividends to the right people through the right channels and at the right time.

People from different political parties have been voting for Hon LYNDA CHUBA IKPEAZU over the years irrespective of party affiliation. That voting pattern actually follows her nonpartisan approach to service delivery and inclusive style of empowering people across Onitsha communities and party lines.