Women Crush Wednesday: Celebrating Women In Politics.

I will start today by quoting the author of 'I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings', favourite poet and one of the formative influences of my childhood Maya Angelou who said "I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels.”

Women Crush Wednesday: Celebrating Women In Politics.

Reading this inspired my path in life and inspired the path of others who came across me, looked up to me and were inspired by me.

In a world where the prevailing voices of policy makers were predominantly men, my stepping into the spotlight to represent the great people of Onitsha North and South Federal Constituency was as iconic as it was essential and it became imperative that I didn't just represent, but that I gave my best, not just for me Barr. Lynda Chuba Ikpeazu, but for the little girl who will one day walk in my footsteps.

Bringing the other half of humanity into the corridors of policy making and power is essential for the sustained growth and development of our society and like Sandra Sealy aptly captures it in her 'Chronicles of a Seawoman: A Collection Of Poems'; 

"Women have always been creative about making limited resources work to sustain themselves and their families. They understand what it means to make the hard decisions and to just get on with it.

That is why it is imperative for women not just to be the ones dusting off the table but, crafting its legs for our world to stand on."

We just get more women involved in the act of crafting our society's table because the "feminine political voice is personal. It's intimate. It's caregiving and life enhancing. It's about bringing more love, caring and justice into the world. It's also fierce and determined." - Tabby Biddle

So today I celebrate every woman out there doing exploits, shattering glass ceilings, exceeding expectations and being all round awesome, I also celebrate women who are doing their possible best with what they have.

I celebrate everyone one of you reading this, you are all my #WomanCrushToday.

Best wishes and all my love,
Honourable Lynda Chuba Ikpeazu
Onitsha North and South Federal Constituency